"What a pleasure. It was a good experience and I really do believe that over time the treatment helped me. The needling produced a feeling of extreme wellbeing – and I will come for more treatments."- Gayl

"I was so incredibly impressed with Dr Sam. I have referred many friends all whom have also achieved positive results from the remarkable treatment received" – Colleen

"I had a calf injury after running the Two Oceans Marathon. I had six weeks to recover before running the Comrades Marathon. I consulted numerous physio experts but none could help. It was recommended that I consult an acupuncturist specialist, Dr Samantha Coucoumbros. I made an appointment with Dr Samantha Coucoumbros and had a one hour consultation which involved electro acupuncture. Dr Coucoumbros's last comment to me after the consut was to rest for 3 days and you will be back to normal 100%. I took the advice and Voila! I was healed in 3 days after the acupuncture treatment. For injuries that will just not go away, I would highly recommend acupuncture by Dr Coucoumbros. Expert and professionally done. I have not had an injury since then, completed 5 two Oceans marathons (56km), 4 Comrades (89km) and plays active squash." - Trevor

"I arrived at Dr. Coucoumbros as a last resort but in dire need of pain relief from a slipped disk in my lower back. After my first session I had an immediate 50% pain relief and 99% by the end of treatment. I reserve 1% for the occasional tweaks that accompany the condition. I had a relapse about a year after my treatment doing a twist I should never had attempted. Once again Dr Coucoumbros was the only medical practitioner able to give me relief within a week. I also developed carpal tunnel syndrome and suffered for 3 months until I considered acupuncture and again Dr Coucoumbros took away all the tingling and nerve pain associated with the condition. In my various consultations with Dr Coucoumbros I have found her to be sincere about helping her patients and dedicated to achieving results – I never hesitate to recommend her to my closest friends and family!" - Laura

"My husband and I tried for 3 years to get pregnant. I have endless medical issues regarding fertility, some being: severe endometriosis, PCOS, cervical surgery and reconstruction surgery of the uterus to fix a "septated uterus". After being told by Western doctors that I could not fall pregnant naturally and failed attempts of fertility treatments (never mind the added stress in my daily life) I decided to try an alternative route and I found Dr Sam. Our intention was to receive treatment to co-inside with fertility and hopefully increase my chances of falling pregnant through IFV. Treatment from the word go with Dr Sam was "easy". I immediately felt like I was in good hands and she had a very calming effect on me. From the first month she managed to "regulate" my cycle (I have never been regular – ever) and each month I felt healthier and happier. Before 6 months were up, I was receiving less and less chronic treatments and had never felt so good. I had almost forgotten the reason for first coming to Dr Sam. In January I found out I was pregnant without any western medical treatment. We had managed to fall pregnant and naturally. My little miracle boy is due in October (I have just entered my 3rd and final trimester) and I couldn't have had a better pregnancy. Every time I go for a scan the Dr is amazed at how well everything is going considering my surgeries and medical history. I would not (and I do not) hesitate to recommend Dr Sam. She is responsible for my miracle and I will always be thankful for finding Dr Sam and her practice". - Ashleigh

I was referred to Dr Coucoumbros by a friend after our first IVF cycle failed. I was a bit wary of acupuncture treatment as it was a very foreign concept to me but my husband and I were very disappointed in the treatment we received from our doctor and decided to go and see Dr Coucoumbros as we felt we had nothing to lose. We were very impressed with her methods and the friendly and warm reception we received and felt so at ease with her that I immediately started with treatment and within the first week I felt like a new person. Dr Coucoumbros assisted me not only physically but also emotionally and today we are almost 26 weeks pregnant with twins. She has even assisted me throughout my pregnancy as I have been struggling with severe sinus and a terrible cold for which I am not allowed to take any western medication. I truly believe that the treatment received prepared me not only physically but also emotionally and I can recommend Dr Coucoumbros to anyone. - Olga

I have suffered from headaches and migraines for most of my life, which usually result in all the muscles in my neck and back going into spasm. Unable to find a cause or offer any explanation, allopathic doctors/specialists have tended to resort to recommending various medications which I am always reluctant to take. Complementary treatments such as regular massage and chiropractic treatments have been extremely helpful in managing the problem, but have done nothing to reduce the frequency or severity of the headaches. Then I found Dr. Sam Coucoumbros and my life quite literally changed. When I first met Sam I had been through a particularly challenging time, struggling with daily headaches for over 2 weeks and my neck and back were in complete spasm. The first session included acupuncture and cupping ..…. and immediate pain relief which was a first. I initially had a few weeks of bi-weekly sessions during which Sam also treated me for a few other minor issues, and I still see Sam on a regular maintenance basis. The frequency and severity of headaches is a fraction of what I have lived with for most of my life, and the added bonus is that I have also been able to dramatically reduce the number of required visits to my chiropractor! Since my first appointment, I have only had two migraines where I had to resort to medication, and the occasional headaches which have been relatively minor. I have enjoyed consistent wonderful results from Sam's treatments and have no reservation in recommending her to friends, colleagues and clients. If you're thinking of making an appointment with Sam – go ahead and do it now! - Beverley

"I am writing this in case you did not understand my deep and lasting gratitude to you for really saving my life. When I came to you, after suffering three months of agony that no-one, from the array of doctors I consulted, had been able to alleviate, my endurance was at an end. I was in such pain that I could not bear to be touched. Your expert treatment, professional handling and patience restored my life. You are a legend! With every good wish to you. -Most sincerely - Sandy

In October 2013 I came to Dr Sam for treatment on my lumbar spine area as I had caused injury to my L4/S1 spinal area due to an incorrect movement of bending over to sort out my dogs beds. I twisted my back as I was coming up and this led to intense pain. The chiropractor told me that I had sprained my spine. I was totally bed ridden for 6 weeks not being able to move except with great difficulty and in excruciating pain for personal hygiene purposes. I went for treatment to the chiro for countless times then decided to go to physio and my healing was very slow and I could not sit or stand for long periods. I could only lay down or walk after four months of the accident happening and having treatment. I eventually sought acupuncture as I was desperate to get pain free and mobile again and live a normal life. I made an appointment after finding Dr Sam on the internet and from the get go I found her to be very interested in me as person, she was gentle and thorough. I had five treatments with her and after my first treatment I felt a big difference. I could sit for a longer period and was more mobile and comfortable than I had been since my accident. I had spent well over R10'000.00 on chiros and physios hence the seeking for alternative treatment for healing my back.

Dr Sam checked up on me after my five treatments and asked how I was doing and I said I am a whole lot better but still have slight pain, she said "no Vanessa you need to and can be completely pain free, please lets continue with treatment" and that she did and also helped me with a discounted rate to help financially because I had already spent so much before I got to see her. After my second round of treatment all the pain was gone. NO PAIN!!!

Thank you Dr Sam for caring and being so genuine in wanting to help me, I really appreciated how gentle and supportive you were towards me in my time of need. If all medical staff in doctors' practises, hospitals etc were as caring and dedicated as Dr Sam the world would be a better place and I reckon people would get better much sooner to. - Vanessa

My name is Sam Stearns. I was extremely fortunate that my dad passed on Dr Sam's information. I happen to work on the same road and I was desperate to find a good doctor. Well, we were blessed with far greater than good! Dr Sam is thorough, like no other doctor. This is important when you go to the doctor if they need to make an accurate diagnosis. Dr Sam asks all the questions necessary to do just that. This helps me tremendously. I am on medication for epilepsy that dries my eyes out and makes them sore to the point that they throb. For years I have tried every type of eye drop, including the optometrist suggesting several different things to take and do that never helped. Dr Sam asked me some "strange" questions, then gave me a bottle of Chinese herbs. I actually can't quite put into words what these tablets have done for me, because you would have to experience just how debilitating the headaches were becoming from this constant throbbing in my eyes and the dryness. It was too awful. Looking back, I don't know how I lived for so many years like that. I now don't even need to take the tablets as often as I did. I can only say that Dr Sam has a gift for healing. It is the same as being a teacher. Not every teacher that has a degree in teaching is a great teacher. You need to be passionate about what you do ...Thank you Doc. You are a true blessing from God. Stay blessed and healthy as always. - Sam